Gong Bath Therapy

Gong Bath Therapy

Gong is one of the most powerful tools of Sound therapy, as vibration, harmonic sounds and frequencies coordinate our physical and spiritual body, transferring us through sound vibrations to the Theta waves of deep relaxation.
On a physical level, the Gong releases tension and blockings in the body. It stimulates a higher level of functioning of the glandular and nervous system and improves circulation . Overall it increases Prana, our vital life force .

The Sound and the frequencies of the Gong, grow in a spiral motion and are linked to the ‘Music of the Spheres’ of Pythagoras theory. As the father of Music, he used “music as medicine” in ancient Greece (circa 500 BC). Findings of documents and numerous references place the Gong´s origin in Ancient Greece. In fact, the origin of the term gong goes back to the Ancient Greek word ”γογγυζω” an onomatopoetic term meaning: droning on in a low constant murmur.

Evidence of the use of the gong, in various forms and variations, prove its existence in the Minoan Crete, in Eleusinian Mysteries and in Ancient Greek oracles. The most prominent ancient Gong is the sacred and legendary Palladion of Troy, closely connected to the Goddess Pallas Athena.

The Sound Healing in the form of the planetary Sun Gong, an experiential journey of universal Harmony, completeness and coordination, leads the participant at a state of consciousness of high therapeutic value. The Gong sounds and vibrations stimulate every cell and organ in your body which awakens your senses and helps you move into a higher vibrational frequency.

The Gong Bath session starts and finishes with the subtle sound of 7 Chakra Tibetan Bowls and with a combination of vocals mantra, bring us the energy of serenity, inner calmness and intent to focus, letting thoughts take their place in I Feel And I Am Gong Bath sessions take place in our majestic cave ”COSMOS” and are organized in groups .



Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory.

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'' Pythagorean'' Sound Bed Therapy

Harmonics, otherwise known as Overtones were discovered by the great philosopher, musician and mathematician Pythagoras.

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Our Philosophy

We created Prana Thera to inject a dose of spiritual awakeness with a holistic approach for the wellness of the body, mind and soul, based on proven ancient ways of life.


Prana Thera offers an all inclusive package that consists of Vibrational Healing Art Therapies, an advanced nutrition package based on Hippocrates and Omega 3 nutrition values and Energy-based accomodation.