Pythagorean’ Sound Bed Therapy

Pythagorean’ Sound Bed Therapy

Harmonics, otherwise known as Overtones were discovered by the great philosopher, musician and mathematician Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was the first who described the fifth interval that has come to be universally recognized as the ultimate balancing sound of the universe. It is the first harmonic sounded by a plucked string , an archetypal expression of harmony that demonstrates the ‘fitting together’ of microcosm and macrocosm in an inseparable whole. The fifth is the interval found in most sacred music and has a powerful harmonizing effect on the human energy system and delineates the chakra system in the human body.

Sound Bed Therapy is based in the Pythagorean tradition of Harmonic Science.

Our uniquely round shaped Sound Bed has 2 monochords (A and deep D) providing a very comfortable embracing feeling of fine tuning. The Pythagorean Resonating therapeutic Sound Bed, aside from its therapeutic properties, produces a beautiful sound, an echo of the Cosmos.

During the session, you hear, feel, and experience powerful unison, harmony, and octave frequencies around you, activating a deep resonance and inner healing response, allowing the personal vibration of your body-mind-spirit to vibrate at it’s optimal frequency.

This Vibrational Therapy provides a number of benefits which balance your heart rate (pulse) blood pressure, increase circulation, reduce chronic muscle tension, energize your moods and emotions, and effectively reduce stress.

To create a deep and complete session, a combination of additional music instruments such as Tibetan bowls, Gong ,Chimes, Ocean drum, sound effect Tambura, vibraphone and Vocals, create a very effective Vibrational Healing environment that enhance the individual experience of the sound session, to:

Unlock the mind
achieve “THETA” brain waves state
Balance the hemispheres of the brain
Induce states of meditation and relaxation
Expand the subtle body
Release and free fears
Root the consciousness of the body
Reduce stress
Align the Chakras

Our Sound Bed Therapy sessions are individually tailored designed and performed in our ”Pythagorean Sound Cave”.



Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory.

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Gong is one of the most powerful tools of Sound therapy, as vibration, harmonic sounds and frequencies coordinate our physical and spiritual body, transferring us through sound vibrations to the Theta waves of deep relaxation.

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Balance your mind, body and spirit

Our Philosophy

We created Prana Thera to inject a dose of spiritual awakeness with a holistic approach for the wellness of the body, mind and soul, based on proven ancient ways of life.


Prana Thera offers an all inclusive package that consists of Vibrational Healing Art Therapies, an advanced nutrition package based on Hippocrates and Omega 3 nutrition values and Energy-based accomodation.