Prana Thera provides a fascinating global combination of complete wellness offered by selecting and blending the best known therapies from every sacred and therapeutic corner of the world. Therefore, going back in time having accepted the knowledge of well being from the secrets of the Ancient Greeks, the spiritual teachings from the Masters of Japan, India and Thailand ,we have created a unique program of revitalizing therapeutic treatments
Ancient Greek massage, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage , Aromatherapy, Traditional Thai massage, Hot Gem Stones, the gentle healing touch of Reiki, and the art of Pranic Healing are few of the experiences that will revitalize and rejuvenate you, during your stay in Prana Thera. Each one of these treatments address a specific aspect of mental and physical wellbeing.


Ancient Greek massage – Anatripsis

The art of massage holds an important place as a therapeutic modality in Greek Medicine.
by Hippocrates, “the father of medicine”. Anatripsis ( to rub up) was developed by Hippocrates as a method of rubbing toward the heart to increase circulation and to eliminate pathogenic wastes and toxins from the organism.

The treatment begins with ‘dry kneading” of the body, that is, without the use of any oil, after which the therapist covers the skin with powder, and with a brush made from horse hair, brushes it in circular movements into the skin, activating the circulatory movement of the blood while ‘drying’ any humid areas.

Using hot extra virgin olive oil mixed with pure essential oils made from Greek herbs and flowers, the therapist then proceeds to massage the entire body, pressing points to relax and ‘open’ knotted muscles and energy meridians.

The massage concludes with a focus on the neck, head and face, which Hippocrates called ”disposing of tension” (especially the jaw, which tightens even when one has negative thoughts).


Kalari therapy is an ancient form of treatment based on ayuverda specializing in orthopedic disorders sports injuries and neuromuscle problems (back pain, neck pain, arthritis, etc). It’s a deep tissue full body, head and face massage that activates the 107 vital spots(marmas). the combination of specially formulated oils and herbs helps the nervous system to relax.


This unique combination ceremony encompasses four elements:

Ancient Greek Anatripsis
It loosens and strengthens the body. Promotes balancing between body and mind.

Lymphatic Massage
Mobilizes the lymph, so that it can effectively clear the inter-cellular structure.

Heals by activating the self-healing mechanisms of our body to Prevent malfunctions that can develop diseases. It allays stress by loosing, lighting and balancing our 3 nerves systems. A safe and natural method, performed for several millennium, to enhance robustness to improve blood and lymph circulation.

Rejuvenating the muscles and skin of the face. Functions as natural Botox.